SYRACUSE, NEW YORK – Despite Congressman John Katko’s participation in 4 debates accessible to constituents in all four counties of NY-24, as well as 10 public forums where both candidates are invited to answer questions from the public, Dana Balter continues to dodge questions important to Central New Yorkers.

At her press conference today, will Dana Balter finally answer these questions?

  • For months, Dana Balter has refused to answer whether she will support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.  Now that Pelosi has paid for $1 million in corporate-funded television advertisements backing Balter, will she answer this simple question?
  • Will Dana Balter stop hiding who she voted for in the Democratic gubernatorial primary? Did she stand with Andrew Cuomo, who bankrolled her campaign?  Or with the far-left and out-of-touch Cynthia Nixon?
  • Why didn’t Dana Balter vote in the 2016 Presidential primary?

  • Why is Dana Balter relying on progressive, far-left organizations in New York Cityand Palo Alto, CAto contact Central New York voters on her behalf?
  • Why is Dana Balter running ads spreading mistruths on Congressman Katko’s voting record, using claims that independent fact checkers have proven false?
  • Does Dana Balter denounce the protests of her radical and out-of-touch CNY Solidarity Coalition targeting the hardworking men and women at Lockheed Martin?
  • Will Dana Balter explain why she prioritized spending her time raising money in New York City instead of meeting with local business owners at the historically bipartisan Manlius Chamber of Commerce candidate breakfast?
  • Why does Dana Balter mock Congressman Katko’s esteemed 20-year career as a prosecutor using the hashtag, “#AsAFormerFederalProsecutor” on social media platforms?
  • Why does Dana Balter, a Connecticut native, claim she has lived in Central New York since 2003, when in fact she spent 2003-2012 living in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and her family’s lavish home in Naples, Florida?
  • Why won’t Dana Balter provide the whole story about her employment history?
  • Given that she has been pursuing various degrees for 25 years, will Dana Balter continue to pursue her PhD if elected to Congress?