SYRACUSE, NEW YORK – Following a community forum in Bayberry yesterday evening in which Dana Balter once again changed her story and timeline, Congressman John Katko today released the following statement:

“Dana Balter likes to tell voters she’s lived in Central New York for 15 years.  That’s simply not true. As it stands today, voters have absolutely no idea how long Dana Balter has lived in Central New York.”

“We know Dana Balter suffered a concussion in 2004, and moved away.  A serious medical injury is more than a legitimate reason to take time off and seek care, but Dana Balter has repeatedly been dishonest about how long she’s lived here, and what she was doing while out of town. Here is what we know:

  • She just released an ad claiming she moved to Central New York in 2003. Thats true, however she neglects to mention she left shortly after.
  • In interviews with the Syracuse Post Standard and Auburn Citizen, she told voters she suffered an injury in 2004, that forced her to leave the state to receive care.
  • Last night, she told us this was for a period of 5 years, which means she would have returned around 2009. The problem with that, is that she told the Syracuse Post Standard she lived in Naples FL from 2010-2012.
  • She also told the Syracuse Post Standard she lived in Naples, FL to care for her nephew that was attending an elite golf boarding school. She also started a business in both Pennsylvania and in Florida. Last night, she told voters she moved to Pennsylvania and Florida because she had a debilitating medical condition that required care from family.


“When I first ran for public office, every minute of my background was examined, and rightfully so. Dana Balter has based her campaign on transparency and accountability, but has been incredibly misleading about  her district ties and background. Voters deserve to know basic information about a candidate. Questions like how long have you lived here, seem reasonable”