Monthly Archives: July 2020

Dana Balter Caught in Another Lie

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK – Dishonest Dana Balter has been caught in another lie. This time, about her plan to raise taxes on families in Central New York to fund her radical government takeover of healthcare.  Katko for Congress today released a new television advertisement exposing Balter, behind closed doors, explaining how CNY families will… Read more »

Katko for Congress Reminds CNY: Dana Balter is Dangerous, Dishonest

Syracuse, New York – Katko for Congress today released its second television advertisement, reminding Central New Yorkers about Dana Balter’s support of dangerous policies, and exposing her dishonest tactics. The ad highlights Balter’s dangerous support of trillions of new dollars in taxes, including Medicare-for-All, which would raise taxes on all Americans.  Balter unabashedly… Read more »

In First Ad, Katko Highlights Bipartisanship & Results

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK — Katko for Congress today released its first television advertisement, highlighting Congressman John Katko’s commitment to bipartisanship and working across the aisle to produce results for Central New York. The television commercial features several local and national news reports about Katko’s work across party lines.  Since being elected to… Read more »