Katko for Congress Reminds CNY: Dana Balter is Dangerous, Dishonest

Syracuse, New York – Katko for Congress today released its second television advertisement, reminding Central New Yorkers about Dana Balter’s support of dangerous policies, and exposing her dishonest tactics.

The ad highlights Balter’s dangerous support of trillions of new dollars in taxes, including Medicare-for-All, which would raise taxes on all Americans.  Balter unabashedly admits she would implement a new tax on every family to pay for the scheme — despite not paying her own taxes in Florida, and receiving a warrant for failure to do so.  The ad also emphasizes Balter’s support of extreme liberal policies, like Albany’s dangerous bail reform, which has been criticized by members of both parties for endangering our communities by releasing violent criminal defendants on pretrial release.

Additionally, the ad fills in voters on what Dana Balter has been up to since her inaugural, failed run for Congress: Leading protests with her radical-left group of activists, and paying herself from her campaign. Already, Balter has been caught making dishonest claims in her recently released negative ad.

The ad will begin airing immediately on area broadcast and cable.  It can be accessed here.  It will air simultaneously alongside “Most Bipartisan,” which was released last week and focuses on Congressman John Katko’s commitment to bipartisanship in Washington.