Dana Balter Caught in Another Lie

Dishonest Dana Balter has been caught in another lie. This time, about her plan to raise taxes on families in Central New York to fund her radical government takeover of healthcare.  Katko for Congress today released a new television advertisement exposing Balter, behind closed doors, explaining how CNY families will have an increase in taxes if she is elected.

Recently, Balter tried to tell voters she doesn’t want to raise their taxes. Unfortunately for Balter, she’s made her position blatantly clear behind closed doors, on a far-left podcast, and in local print: She will raise your taxes.  Dana Balter has long pledged to raise taxes on working class families to fund Medicare-for-All, which would cost trillions of dollars and raise taxes on every American. 

Katko for Congress Campaign Manager Tom Haag said, “Dana Balter tried to hide her extreme agenda from Central New Yorkers, but was again caught lying.  Balter has said again and again that she wants to raise taxes on every family in our community.  Dana Balter is not only dangerous, but dishonest.  Voters simply cannot trust Dana Balter.”

“Another Lie” will begin airing immediately on area broadcast and cable.  It can be accessed here.