Joe Biden Shares the Truth: Dana Balter’s Radical Healthcare Plan Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK — Katko for Congress today released a new television advertisement, in which former Vice President and Democratic nominee for President, Joe Biden, shares the truth about the cost of Dana Balter’s Medicare-for-All scheme.

Balter, an ardent support of Medicare-for-All, dishonestly claimed she won’t raise taxes on Central New Yorkers.  But, Joe Biden is upfront with voters: Medicare-for-All is a government takeover of healthcare that will cost 30 trillion dollars to implement, and raise taxes on the middle class.

“Dana Balter’s radical government takeover of healthcare is too dangerous for even Joe Biden,” said Katko for Congress Campaign Manager Tom Haag.  “While Balter continues to lie about her plan to raise taxes, Joe Biden has shared the truth: Balter’s plan is preposterous, will raise taxes on middle class people, and have Washington dictating that you cannot keep your healthcare plan.  Dana Balter is way too extreme.”

The ad is available here.  It will begin airing immediately on area broadcast and cable.