New Ad Shares Dana Balter’s Dangerous Plan to Release Criminals into our Community

Syracuse, New York – Katko for Congress today released a new ad highlighting the devastating impact of Dana Balter’s support for bail reform and legislation to require the release of prisoners nationwide.

Dana Balter has endorsed Albany’s dangerous bail reform, a policy which has been criticized even by local Democrats as going too far for its requirement to release violent criminals into the community.  Proposals that go even further than New York’s bail reform are championed by the progressive caucus, which has endorsed Balter.  

What’s more, Balter wholeheartedly supports Nancy Pelosi’s HEROES Act, which would require the early release of federal prisoners and prevent the deportation of criminals.
“At a time when crime is on the rise in our community, Dana Balter’s plan is to bring Albany’s dangerous bail reform to the federal level.  And, she endorses Pelosi’s bill to require the release of prisoners from federal prison nationwide,” said Katko for Congress Campaign Manager Tom Haag. “Balter attacks Congressman Katko’s career in law enforcement while pushing a dangerous platform that will only endanger Central New York families.  Who can we trust to keep our community safe and reform our criminal justice system responsibly – John Katko, a former federal prosecutor, or Dana Balter, a far-left, visiting assistant professor?”

The ad can be accessed here.  It will begin airing immediately on area broadcast, cable, and will run on digital platforms.