Central New York Mom Living the Tragedy of Bail Reform: Balter is “Very Dangerous”

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK – Katko for Congress today released a new television advertisement highlighting the devastating, real-life impacts of bail reform, a policy Dana Balter fervently supports.
The ad features Jennifer Payne, a Syracuse mother, who tragically lost her daughter, Sarah, when she was shot to death by her live-in boyfriend.  The boyfriend was arrested and charged with the homicide, but was subsequently released from jail under New York’s new bail reform law. Democrat Onondaga County Judge Gordon Cuffy at the time noted that he had no other choice but to release the perpetrator.  Since that time, Jennifer has become an outspoken advocate against bail reform.  

In the ad, Payne, a registered Democrat, announces she firmly disagrees with Balter’s support of the plan, calling Balter “out-of-touch,” and explaining she will vote against Dana Balter because, “her policies are very dangerous.”

Dana Balter has endorsed Albany’s dangerous bail reform, a policy which has been criticized even by local Democrats as going too far for its requirement to release violent criminals into the community.  Balter supports bringing these policies to the federal level. Proposals that go even further than New York’s bail reform are championed by the progressive caucus, which has endorsed Balter.  And, Balter supports the HEROES Act, which would require early release of dangerous criminals.

The ad is available here.  It began airing this morning on area broadcast, cable and on digital.