New Radio Ad Highlights John Katko’s Ability to Lead Economic Recovery in Central New York

SYRACUSE, NY– Katko for Congress today released a radio advertisement highlighting Congressman John Katko’s experience and proven ability to lead Central New York through an economic recovery.  

As Central New York begins its rebound from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dana Balter’s radical ideas and inexperience would only hurt CNY. 

Balter supports releasing dangerous criminal defendantswants to raise taxes on working families, and supports a government takeover of healthcare too extreme for Joe Biden.  Balter is a professional protester who got caught taking an illegal campaign salary.  This platform and lack of experience will not move our community or our country forward.

In stark contrast, Congressman Katko has the proven experience as a former federal prosecutor.  He has a record of breaking through partisan gridlock to deliver results in Congress and has what it takes to lead Central New York’s economic recovery.  

The ad entitled “Experience” can be accessed here. The transcript can be found below:

First Dana Balter got caught admitting she’ll raise our taxes:

Balter: “Um, well, you would have an increase in taxes.”

THEN Balter got caught breaking the law:

Rod Wood: “The Federal Elections Commission notified Dana Balter’s campaign that the money she took as salary was a violation of campaign finance rules.”

Now Balter supports the tax-hiking health care plan too extreme for even Joe Biden…

And releasing criminal defendants into our streets.

Dana Balter’s radical ideas and inexperience will hurt CNY…

Only John Katko can lead our recovery.

A former federal prosecutor, John Katko is fighting to make our communities safer.

Katko stood up to the Washington extremists and anti – Cop crowd.. and fought for Central New York.

Lower taxes. Better jobs. Safer Streets.

Only John Katko has the experience we need.

I’m John Katko, candidate for Congress, and I approve this message.

I’d be honored with your vote, because together, we can overcome any challenge.

The radio commercial will begin airing immediately on area radio.