Central New Yorkers Deserve Answers on Balter’s Kazakhstan Ties

Syracuse, New York – Katko for Congress Campaign Manager Tom Haag issued the below statement following reporting this morning in the Syracuse Post Standard on Dana Balter’s Kazakhstan ties:

“In response to a Syracuse Post Standard inquiry, Dana Balter said: ‘To suggest that I would ever support or profit from human rights abuses is appalling…’

“Neither outside political groups, nor the Katko campaign are suggesting anything. It is a statement of fact. Dana Balter has repeatedly submitted false and conflicting financial disclosures to federal regulators, and consulted for a brutal authoritarian regime. 

“Why in the world would a self-described progressive take foreign money from a regime with a horrific human rights record?

“Was an authoritarian regime in that much need of communications skills from Ms. Balter? Was there not enough non-profit work to seek in Central New York? It is simply outrageous. 

“Ms. Balter should immediately disclose any additional foreign consulting work she conducted and clarify the outstanding issue surrounding her false disclosures. This issue is even more concerning given the salary that Ms. Balter draws from her campaign account, which is funded by donors.”