Ahead of Second Debate, Will Dana Balter Tell Central New Yorkers if She Supports Packing the Supreme Court with Far-Left Justices?

 With extreme left lawmakers gearing up to pack the U.S. Supreme Court in 2021Katko for Congress today called on Dana Balter to tell Central New Yorkers where she stands on packing the court with far-left justices, after repeatedly dodging questions on the matter. Congress is responsible for considering legislation to set the number of Justices on the Supreme Court. The most recent legislation altering the size of the Court was passed by Congress in 1869. 

In a recent interview with Capital Tonight, Dana Balter, claimed she hasn’t read much about court packing. Two weeks later, in an interview with CNY Central, Balter said, “I don’t have a position on that.

Even before the nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barret, the issue of court packing has come up in national discourse. During the Democratic Presidential Primary, all major candidates revealed their positions. More recently, Vice President Joe Biden, came out in opposition of court packing.

With less than two weeks until the election, will Dana Balter tell Central New Yorkers where she stands on packing the Supreme Court with far-left Justices? 

“Real leadership means taking a position on issues that matter to Central New Yorkers, even when it’s tough or unpopular. Congressman Katko has come out against court packing, stating it would violate over 150 years of precedent,” said Tom Haag, Katko for Congress Campaign Manager. “Dana Balter has repeatedly dodged questions on this issue.  This is no surprise, given that Balter tries to hide her extreme-left plans to raise taxes to fund a government takeover of healthcare and bring Albany’s bail reform to the federal level.  But Central New Yorkers deserve an answer to this basic question.”