Central New York Democrats, Elected Officials: Dana Balter Can’t Lead Our Recovery

SYRACUSE, NY– Katko for Congress today released a new television advertisement in which Central New York Democrats and local elected officials from both sides of the aisle explain why Dana Balter can’t lead Central New York’s recovery.  

The thirty-second spot features local Democrats and elected officials from both sides of the aisle. They raise concerns over Dana Balter’s lack of experience, acceptance of an illegal campaign salary, and support for extreme-left positions like government-run healthcare. They share concern that Balter is too extreme for Joe Biden, and express support for Congressman Katko because of his proven ability to lead. 

“Local Democrats and elected officials are sounding the alarm on Dana Balter and her far-left agenda,” said Tom Haag, Katko for Congress Campaign Manager. “With Central New York in the beginning stages of its recovery, even Democrats are concerned Balter’s lack of experience and extreme positions would set us back. Dana Balter supports raising taxes, bringing Albany’s dangerous bail reform law to the federal level, and advocates for a costly radical  government takeover of healthcare that Joe Biden calls ‘preposterous.’ Dana Balter is too extreme, and doesn’t have the right experience to lead Central New York’s recovery.”

The ad, available here, will begin airing immediately on area broadcast, cable and on digital  platforms.