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  • Bernie Sanders is All In for Far-Left Candidate Dana Balter

    October 30th, 2020

    SYRACUSE, NY–  Following Bernie Sanders’s endorsement of Dana Balter, Katko for Congress Campaign Manager Tom Haag released the following statement: 

    “Bernine Sanders is a self proclaimed socialist. His formal endorsement of Dana Balter today, in which he calls her a ‘strong progressive,’ confirms what we’ve known for over two years: If elected, Balter will be a rubber stamp for the far-left and Sanders’s extreme agenda.

    “Balter has already come out in favor of Medicare for All, Sanders’s signature plan to implement a government takeover of healthcare. What’s more, she champions Albany’s dangerous bail reform law and wants to expand it to the federal level. Sanders’s endorsement of Balter sends a clear message to voters: Balter is way too extreme for Central New York.” 


  • County Executive Ryan McMahon: Katko Working Across Party Lines to Deliver for CNY During COVID-19

    October 28th, 2020

    SYRACUSE, NY – A new ad released today by Katko for Congress features Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon, and highlights Congressman Katko’s work across party lines to deliver for CNY during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    McMahon, who has worked tirelessly to manage the local response to COVID-19, and kept infection rates low in Central New York, praises Congressman Katko for putting politics aside to deliver for Central New York during the crisis.  McMahon states, “Congressman John Katko put aside all politics.” 
    McMahon continues, 
    “This virus doesn’t choose political parties, and thankfully Congressman Katko has not been choosing parties when it comes to the response. And he’s been there for Onondaga County and all of Central New York.”

    When COVID-19 hit, Congressman Katko got immediately to work for Central New York, successfully delivering PPE, testing, and millions of dollars in direct aid to local hospitals and healthcare providers. He secured stimulus payments for working families and relief to small businesses, allowing businesses to remain open and keep workers on payroll.  

    The thirty-second spot also features local and national news reports on Katko’s bipartisanship.  Katko has been repeatedly recognized by independent groups for his willingness to work across party lines, most recently ranked the second most bipartisan member in Congress by the nonpartisan Lugar Center.
    The ad is available here. It will begin airing immediately on area broadcast and cable, and on digital platforms.


  • Central New York Democrats, Elected Officials: Dana Balter Can’t Lead Our Recovery

    October 23rd, 2020

    SYRACUSE, NY– Katko for Congress today released a new television advertisement in which Central New York Democrats and local elected officials from both sides of the aisle explain why Dana Balter can’t lead Central New York’s recovery.  

    The thirty-second spot features local Democrats and elected officials from both sides of the aisle. They raise concerns over Dana Balter’s lack of experience, acceptance of an illegal campaign salary, and support for extreme-left positions like government-run healthcare. They share concern that Balter is too extreme for Joe Biden, and express support for Congressman Katko because of his proven ability to lead. 

    “Local Democrats and elected officials are sounding the alarm on Dana Balter and her far-left agenda,” said Tom Haag, Katko for Congress Campaign Manager. “With Central New York in the beginning stages of its recovery, even Democrats are concerned Balter’s lack of experience and extreme positions would set us back. Dana Balter supports raising taxes, bringing Albany’s dangerous bail reform law to the federal level, and advocates for a costly radical  government takeover of healthcare that Joe Biden calls ‘preposterous.’ Dana Balter is too extreme, and doesn’t have the right experience to lead Central New York’s recovery.”

    The ad, available here, will begin airing immediately on area broadcast, cable and on digital  platforms.



    October 22nd, 2020

    Syracuse, New York – Katko for Congress
     today released a new poll, showing Congressman John Katko leading Dana Balter by 8 points heading into early voting, which begins this Saturday, October 24.

    The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, surveyed 400 voters in New York’s 24th Congressional District from October 15-18, 2020.  It found Katko leading Balter 47%-39%, with 3% of voters choosing Working Families Party Candidate Steve Williams. 

    “It’s clear that Central New Yorkers are rejecting Dana Balter’s support of extreme-left policies like bail reform and government run healthcare, and know that John Katko will continue to be a strong voice in Washington to lead our recovery and get our economy back on the right track,” said Tom Haag, Katko for Congress Campaign Manager. 


  • Ahead of Second Debate, Will Dana Balter Tell Central New Yorkers if She Supports Packing the Supreme Court with Far-Left Justices?

    October 22nd, 2020

     With extreme left lawmakers gearing up to pack the U.S. Supreme Court in 2021Katko for Congress today called on Dana Balter to tell Central New Yorkers where she stands on packing the court with far-left justices, after repeatedly dodging questions on the matter. Congress is responsible for considering legislation to set the number of Justices on the Supreme Court. The most recent legislation altering the size of the Court was passed by Congress in 1869. 

    In a recent interview with Capital Tonight, Dana Balter, claimed she hasn’t read much about court packing. Two weeks later, in an interview with CNY Central, Balter said, “I don’t have a position on that.

    Even before the nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barret, the issue of court packing has come up in national discourse. During the Democratic Presidential Primary, all major candidates revealed their positions. More recently, Vice President Joe Biden, came out in opposition of court packing.

    With less than two weeks until the election, will Dana Balter tell Central New Yorkers where she stands on packing the Supreme Court with far-left Justices? 

    “Real leadership means taking a position on issues that matter to Central New Yorkers, even when it’s tough or unpopular. Congressman Katko has come out against court packing, stating it would violate over 150 years of precedent,” said Tom Haag, Katko for Congress Campaign Manager. “Dana Balter has repeatedly dodged questions on this issue.  This is no surprise, given that Balter tries to hide her extreme-left plans to raise taxes to fund a government takeover of healthcare and bring Albany’s bail reform to the federal level.  But Central New Yorkers deserve an answer to this basic question.”

  • Dana Balter Remains Silent As Far-Left Continues Push to Defund the Police

    October 22nd, 2020

    SYRACUSE, NY – For months, members of the far-left have continued a push to dismantle local police departments, while Congressman Katkolocal elected officials, law enforcement in Central New York, and sensible local Democrats like Anthony Brindisi have vocally opposed it

    Katko for Congress today called on Dana Balter to stand up to the extremists in her party. To date, Balter has refused to do this. During a local debate, instead of firmly denouncing the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, Dana Balter made excuses. She proposes preventing police from responding to 911 calls involving domestic violence, drugs, and mental health emergencies, stating that police officers are ‘not qualified.’  

    In light of Balter’s failure to denounce defunding the police, Tom Haag, Campaign Manager for Katko for Congress, released the following statement:

    “Local elected officials, law enforcement, and sensible CNY Democrats like Anthony Brindisi have been firm in their criticism of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement. It’s an extreme, far-left proposal that would strip law enforcement of the resources they need to keep Central New Yorkers safe. It’s no surprise that Dana Balter, who supports Albany’s dangerous bail reform law, would also stand idle as her party moves to undermine the brave men and women who serve and protect our community. Time and time again, Dana Balter chooses to stand with the far-left, instead of Central New York.”


  • Central New Yorkers Deserve Answers on Balter’s Kazakhstan Ties

    October 16th, 2020

    Syracuse, New York – Katko for Congress Campaign Manager Tom Haag issued the below statement following reporting this morning in the Syracuse Post Standard on Dana Balter’s Kazakhstan ties:

    “In response to a Syracuse Post Standard inquiry, Dana Balter said: ‘To suggest that I would ever support or profit from human rights abuses is appalling…’

    “Neither outside political groups, nor the Katko campaign are suggesting anything. It is a statement of fact. Dana Balter has repeatedly submitted false and conflicting financial disclosures to federal regulators, and consulted for a brutal authoritarian regime. 

    “Why in the world would a self-described progressive take foreign money from a regime with a horrific human rights record?

    “Was an authoritarian regime in that much need of communications skills from Ms. Balter? Was there not enough non-profit work to seek in Central New York? It is simply outrageous. 

    “Ms. Balter should immediately disclose any additional foreign consulting work she conducted and clarify the outstanding issue surrounding her false disclosures. This issue is even more concerning given the salary that Ms. Balter draws from her campaign account, which is funded by donors.” 


  • Governor Larry Hogan Endorses John Katko for Congress

    October 15th, 2020

    Syracuse, New York – Maryland Governor Larry Hogan 
    today announced his support for Congressman John Katko’s re-election.  

    Since taking office in 2015, Governor Hogan has proven to be a strong and independent leader for Maryland, focused on putting politics aside to deliver bipartisan solutions. Especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Hogan has gained national attention for his efforts to work across party lines to aggressively slow the spread of the virus and keep families safe.

    In the video endorsement, available here, Governor Hogan applauds Katko’s commitment to bipartisanship, highlighting their shared approach to governing and problem solving.  Hogan praises Katko’s independence amid the dysfunction and partisan politics of Washington D.C.

    Hogan states, “John Katko is different.  He stands out in Congress as someone who is working tirelessly to get things done.  He is a problem solver – willing to work across party lines to deliver results for his community and for our country.”

    “Like John, I represent both Republicans and Democrats. And our approach to governing is similar,” Hogan continues. “We’re focused on being a voice for everyone we represent – regardless of party. We need strong and independent leaders like John Katko in office, and I’m proud to support him.”


  • New Radio Ad Highlights John Katko’s Ability to Lead Economic Recovery in Central New York

    October 14th, 2020

    SYRACUSE, NY– Katko for Congress today released a radio advertisement highlighting Congressman John Katko’s experience and proven ability to lead Central New York through an economic recovery.  

    As Central New York begins its rebound from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dana Balter’s radical ideas and inexperience would only hurt CNY. 

    Balter supports releasing dangerous criminal defendantswants to raise taxes on working families, and supports a government takeover of healthcare too extreme for Joe Biden.  Balter is a professional protester who got caught taking an illegal campaign salary.  This platform and lack of experience will not move our community or our country forward.

    In stark contrast, Congressman Katko has the proven experience as a former federal prosecutor.  He has a record of breaking through partisan gridlock to deliver results in Congress and has what it takes to lead Central New York’s economic recovery.  

    The ad entitled “Experience” can be accessed here. The transcript can be found below:

    First Dana Balter got caught admitting she’ll raise our taxes:

    Balter: “Um, well, you would have an increase in taxes.”

    THEN Balter got caught breaking the law:

    Rod Wood: “The Federal Elections Commission notified Dana Balter’s campaign that the money she took as salary was a violation of campaign finance rules.”

    Now Balter supports the tax-hiking health care plan too extreme for even Joe Biden…

    And releasing criminal defendants into our streets.

    Dana Balter’s radical ideas and inexperience will hurt CNY…

    Only John Katko can lead our recovery.

    A former federal prosecutor, John Katko is fighting to make our communities safer.

    Katko stood up to the Washington extremists and anti – Cop crowd.. and fought for Central New York.

    Lower taxes. Better jobs. Safer Streets.

    Only John Katko has the experience we need.

    I’m John Katko, candidate for Congress, and I approve this message.

    I’d be honored with your vote, because together, we can overcome any challenge.

    The radio commercial will begin airing immediately on area radio. 


  • Central New York Democrats: Dana Balter is Too Extreme

    October 13th, 2020

    SYRACUSE, NY– Katko for Congress today released a new ad featuring Central New York Democrats who refuse to support Dana Balter because of her extreme and out-of-touch positions. 

    The thirty-second spot features three Central New York Democrats who call out Balter for illegally paying herself thousands of dollars in campaign salary, and for failing to pay her taxes while vowing to raise taxes on Central New Yorkers. They raise serious concerns about Balter’s stance on bail reform, and remind voters that her positions are too extreme for even Joe Biden.

    After years of protesting across Central New York, local Democrats have gotten to know Dana Balter. By now, they know she supports a radical government takeover of healthcare, wants to raise taxes on working families, is an ardent supporter of Albany’s dangerous bail reform law, and got caught taking an illegal salary from her campaign,” said Katko for Congress Campaign Manager Tom Haag. “Even Joe Biden, the standard bearer of the Democratic party called Dana Balter’s far-left agenda ‘preposterous.’ Central New York Democrats know Dana Balter. And they won’t vote for her because she’s too extreme.”
    The ad is available here.  It will begin airing immediately on area broadcast, cable, and on digital platforms.